Thursday, February 27, 2014

Deep Swell: Lore of the Angler

Deep Swell:  Lore of the Angle

I love rock and this debut album from Deep Swell really rocks.  They have a great, gritty, riff filled sound with a dash of funk tossed in to round it all out. 

I have had the album since its release in October 2013 and have listened to it a lot.  I keep coming back to it as a new favorite.  Briena Pearl's voice really is perfect for Rock and Roll.  Tim Sult (of Clutch, another favorite band of mine) brings his years of guitar skills and awesome riff's into the mix.  Jesse Shultzaburger (of The Woodshedders) plays the drums.  Logan Kilmer (of Noetic Pull) plays the bass like no other.  Holy cow the base lines in the tracks are freaking awesome. 

Here are some of my favorite tracks:

Track 3:  Criminal Reward:  Briena's voice and Kilmer's base and great lyric's make this one a standout favorite for me.

Track 4:  Hilltop:  Great guitar riffs and speedy drum beat.  You like a pretty fast song?  This one's pretty fast.

Track 7:  White Coat:  is another favorite.
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Track 9:  Green Eyes:  another great song.

The whole album is really good.  Strong riffs with great memorable base lines, fantastic vocals and thought provoking lyrics make for a great combination.  They are on the Weathermaker label, which is owned by the members of Clutch and their manager.  So if you like Rock and Roll, check your local record store or I-Tunes or whatever you use and get this album!

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