Friday, January 29, 2010

The USPS sucks

Why is the Post Office so bad at customer service? I spent 30min in line today waiting for someone to help. There were at least 20 people in line. There were six windows for Post Office employees to help customers from, but only one was open. There were staff members at two of the other windows, but they were not open and had that annoying "Next window please" sign that just made he want to hit them on the head with it. If I were at the end of the line I would have just left and come back another day, but I was committed because I was 4th in line. That's right. It took the single working staff person 25 min to help the three people in front of me. I think the automated postal machine is quicker to use. I would get fired at my job if our customer service was this bad. Now I know what it means to go "Postal".


  1. same thing here, wife had to wait an hour! only 2 folks at windows with 75 people waiting.

  2. Maybe they should get rid on the USPS and the government can contract with UPS and Fedex. At least our stuff would get where we want it to on time.