Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Test images from Yashica 635

I tested my new Yashica 635 last week. It was an overcast day with very flat light, but it was the only time I had to shoot. It worked great. I have timed the shutter speeds and they are a little slow, by about 1/3 of a stop. That I can work with and won't worry about having it worked on. I use Ilford HP5 film and hand processed it last night. I scanned the negatives on my Epson 4990 at 4800 dpi. I think that was a little too large of a file. They are very slow to work with in photoshop and my computer is pretty fast. If I keep scanning that large I will have to add more
memory to my computer.

I also shot with my Dianna and I used the same film and scanning process. Here are those images.

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