Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My new project

I'm starting a new project. The purpose it to record the area I grew up in, before it has totally changed and is gone. I want to be able to show my children where I came from, what I did and who my friends were. This project came to light after visiting my uncle and seeing the state of decay that some of my favorite places were in. It was hard to see my old elementary school with waist high grass, peeling paint and airconditioning units robbed of their copper. The area is rural, but the urban sprawl is encroaching upon it and I want to remember it for what it was and is, not what it will become. I plan on shooting it with film and digital. I may even bring out the Pinhole Camera from Zero Image along with the others that share the same pelican case. Those would be a Dianna (with fish eye), Yashica electro 35 rangefinder, and a Pearl twin lens. I would use my home made 4x5 pinhole, but I can no longer get the Polaroid film for it. I will start in the next few weeks and will shoot at least once, if not twice, per week in the area for about 6 to 8 months. That should get me into the High School Football season and will wrap things up with the Old Campbell County home coming festival. In the end, if I can work it into a show or a self published book, that would be great. Ultimately I want to have a portfolio of images from the area I grew in to share with my children.

I'm really inspired by this project and have put several others on hold for this. It has a more immediate need to be completed. I'm sure I will be blogging about it as I go and maybe posting some images on occasion.


  1. Sounds amazing, hon! I need to have you come over to my house and go through the antique cameras my uncle left me when he died. I have no idea if they work or if film is made for them. You'll have to come by and check them out.

    Can't wait to see the resulting pictures from this project!

  2. I love old cameras, and would love to come check them out.