Friday, February 12, 2010

Serenbe Photography Center

This week I went to visit my uncle and loan him my Nikon F5 for his trip to Africa. (He is not digital yet, but I'm working on it.) He needed something smaller and faster to use than his big Pentax 67. He lives out where I grew up, which is Palmetto Ga. He has become involved in the Serenbe Photography Center, where he will be teaching some workshops and has some work hanging in the instructors show which opened last week.

The Serenbe Photography Center will be host a great deal of workshops and other events with some well known photographers. Some of the instructors will be Kathryn Kolb, Peter Essick, Greg Newington, Donna Rosser, Judith Pishnery, and Steve Brownlee (uncle Steve). Most workshops will be at Serenbe, but there are several that will be at other locations in the state. Also, in addition to workshops they have a great dark room set up for color as well as black and white printing as well as a digital darkroom with two epson 9600 large format printers. You can rent time there to do you own printing. This is called The Photographers Print Studio, which was previously located in Decatur. They will also be offering other special events. Check out their website at or call 770-463-9098.

The instructors show was interesting with a great mix of styles and techniques showcased. Some of my favorite work was from Kathryn Kolb, Peter Essick, and Steve Brownlee. I really like Kathryn Kolb's new book. Essick, who has had many assignments with National Geographic, had some great work hanging there. Steve Brownlee, my uncle, (I am a little bias)had a great selection of his Black and White work hanging. Uncle Steve taught me how to print in a traditional darkroom and will be teaching a zone system class at the center. I highly recommend his class. You will come away a much better printer and a better understand of how to expose your image for better printing latter. His attention to detail and ability to make incredible prints is impressive. I look forward to taking some workshops with some of these instructors.

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